HeaderThrough my research, I have come across several different ‘recipes’ for oil combinations. In each of these pages are several variations. I have not tried them all. As everyone has a different body chemistry, you will have to try them to see which one works for you. I would recommend only using pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions to help build this repository.

What to do with empty oil bottles

If you love oils as much as I do, soon you will find that you have a rather large pile of empty essential oil bottles and no idea what to do with them. It seems wrong to throw them away, right? There’s just a teeny bit of precious oil left in each one and you don’t want to waste it.

Here is one solution you could do – make scented bath salts! Simply take the caps and stoppers out of the bottle, put them in an large glass container with a lid and cover with epsom salts. Then will soon have a magnificent scent and will have the therapeutic benefits from all the oils.

Another solution is to open the bottle all the way, including taking off the stopper and put it in a ceramic cup. Boil some water. Once it is boiling, pour the water in the cup. Make sure the bottle fills. Do just enough to cover the bottle.

Now place it in a room and it will diffuse the left over oil and you will still get the benefit from it. When the water cools, I add it to my ultrasonic diffuser and continue to use it.

Now the bottle is clean and ready for the recycle. Plus, you didn’t waste a drop! YAY!

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  1. Veanna says:

    Just what the doctor order, thank you!

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