Blending by Plant Parts

Blending by Plant Parts

Imagine a blend made from oils extracted from flowers. What comes to mind? I immediately feel the heart connection, the beauty of flowers, the colors and the range of floral, sweet aromas.

Now imagine a blend made just from root oils. How is this feeling different? The roots of plants are deep in the earth, anchoring the plant to the ground. When I smell root oils I feel grounded, settled, connected. When someone is feeling ungrounded, anxious, or disconnected, I might make a blend of oils extracted from roots.

When blending, if we consider the plant parts and the emotional support the oils can bring, we have just deepened the blend’s impact.

Flowers — Flowers are abundant in the springtime and represent new growth. The oils made from flowers are often used for emotional support. Giving flowers, or blends made from flowers, is about supporting love, friendship, and forgiveness, and soothing the heart and mind.

Roots — The roots of a plant anchor it to the soil, and absorb water and nutrients vital to the plant’s growth. Oils extracted from roots can support us through times of high anxiety and instability. They support feeling grounded, settled, and calm.

Blending by plant part can help you come up with truly original ideas you may not have thought of from a different perspective. It can also put you in touch with the plants in compelling emotional ways.

Soothing the Heart and Calming the Mind (Flowers / buds)

Flowers are abundant in the springtime and represent new growth. They produce the aroma to attract insects for pollination. The oils made from flowers offer self-confidence, creativity, and new energy. The oils are frequently used for emotional support. Among their many uses, flower oils are often used for facial skin care for their calming and rejuvenating properties.

  • Balsam Poplar
  • Blue Tansy
  • Chamomile, Roman
  • Clove Bud
  • Davana
  • Helichrysum
  • Honey Myrtle
  • Inula (Sweet)
  • Jasmine
  • Kunzea
  • Lavender
  • Lemon Thyme
  • Linden Blossom CO2
  • Marjoram (Sweet)
  • Melissa
  • Neroli
  • Rose otto
  • Rosemary ct verbenone
  • Spike Lavender
  • St Johns Wort
  • Thyme (Benchmark)
  • Thyme ct linalol
  • Thyme ct thymol
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil)
  • Ylang Ylang (complete)

Stability and Balance (Roots)

The roots of a plant anchor the plant into the soil and absorb water and nutrients that are vital to the plant’s growth. These oils give us strength,and a sense of stability and balance. These oils can be used to combat feelings of panic, over-thinking, or worrying, and to relieve stress related to life changes and turmoil.

  • Angelica Root
  • Fingerroot
  • Ghandi Root
  • Ginger
  • Plai (Central)
  • Spikenard
  • Turmeric
  • Valerian (Root)
  • Vetiver