How to Buy?

How to Buy?

Essential oils are powerful substances and should be used with caution, especially in the brands you choose to purchase. There are many, many companies marketing and selling essential oils today – some good, a few great, and a some not so great. No matter where you choose to purchase your oils, there are a few things you should consider. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before you make that step – where to buy essential oils.

There are different types of essential oils – oils that are used as perfuming or flavoring agents (these are NOT the kinds you want to be using – unless you’re making perfume) to ‘therapeutic’ grade. But there are no governmental regulations about what can be put on those bottle labels. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (to say I’m not impressed with some of the FDA’s tactics and policies would be an understatement) but it does mean that you’ll have to do your homework and purchase your oils from a reputable company.

Most of the essential oils manufactured today are distilled and processed for other products & uses (like cosmetics, foods & perfumes) – these are the kinds that you don’t want to use for your everyday health needs. The market for pure, unadulterated essential oils is a quite small in comparison so it can be difficult to know where to buy essential oils.

The essential oils sold at your local stores are probably from that first list – lower quality or perfume grade oils that are not going to give you any therapeutic benefits. Even if the bottle says 100% pure – that doesn’t mean it’s all pure essential oil (it might just contain 1% oil and 99% filler).

You want to find a brand that doesn’t use synthethic fillers or adulterated oils and sources their plant materials properly. There are a few things you can consider when finding a reputable company.

What you should look for in an essential oil brand:

  • Owns or has some control over the growing process
  • Uses sustainable growing practices
  • Organic & pesticide free growing conditions
  • Owns or has some control over the distillation process
  • Undiluted, pure plant oils with no added synthetic ingredients or fillers
  • Good reputation in the wellness & aromatherapy community