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Homemade Vapor Rub

July 7, 2017

This vapor rub is typically used on the chest, back and throat to help with symptoms of a common cold or minor aches and pains of the muscles and joints.


  • 1/4 Cup
    Jojoba Oil
  • 1/2 Cup
    Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Cup
  • 20 Drops
    Peppermint Oil
  • 20 Drops
    Eucalyptus Oil


  1. Pour the olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax into a jar

  2. Place a saucepan with 2 inches of water over medium low heat.

  3. Place jar in saucepan and allow oils to melt. Stir to combine.

  4. Once combined, allow to cool slightly and add in essential oils.

  5. Pour mixture into metal tins or storage containers and allow to set.

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