(Lavendula augustifolia) This oil has a distinctly sweet floral-spice aroma that’s a little woody. It is a decongestant and stimulates cellular repair and regeneration. Lavender also has sedative and relaxing actions, which soothe, tranquilize and calm nervous tension, stress, sleepless nights, anxious feelings and steady heart rate.

Lavender Essential oil is antimicrobial, soothing and relaxing. When you inhale the vapors, either from the bottle directly, or diffused in the air via using a diffuser, it helps to reduce muscle tension and relieves stress.

Widely known for its enchanting fragrance, lavender possesses a wide range of additional benefits aside from being a pleasant natural air freshener:

  • Clinically shown to improve sleep quality through inhalation
  • Witnessed in studies to close wounds faster and stimulate healing
  • Soothes skin abrasions and irritation

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