Day 28 of 30-day Challenge

Day 28 of 30-day Challenge

Remember to continue the other items we started: (Day 1) LongLife Vitality Supplements, Zendocrine Capsules, (Day 2) a drop of lemon or grapefruit in a glass of water and Curbing Cravings Tea, (Day 3) evening detox bath, (Day 4) Morning Liver Flush drink, (Day 5) De-Stress time, (Day 6) Using Geranium and a nice Foot Soak, (Day 7) adding TerraZyme & Rosemary Essential Oil to help support our digestive system, (Day 8) Remove sugar from snacks, (Day 9) Remove gluten, (Day10) GX Assist gel caps, (Day 11) Use detox lotion, (Day 12) Using skin smoothing oil, (Day 13) Change up the Apple Cider Drink from Day 1, (Day 14) adding more whole food into our diet, (Day 15 & 16) adding more low carb recipes, (Day 17) how oils work, (Day 18) source of oils, (Day 19) add another whole food recipe, (Day 20) exchange GX Assist gel caps for PB Assist gel caps, (Day 21) getting your necessary sleep, (Day 22) DDR Prime gel caps, (Day 23) another recipe, (Day 24) detox mouth, (Day 25) another recipe, (Day 26) add new spice to live, (Day 27) aid the lungs.

Today, lets reset our main meal of the day – breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and will get your hormones on point.

A good breakfast will help you stabilize your sugar levels (one of the 3 pillars of hormonal balance), prevent energy dips and kill sugar and coffee cravings. You will feel grounded and focused. As one wise woman in our community said, “To change my nights, I had to change my mornings” – she started sleeping much better after she had changed her breakfasts.

Plus, stable sugar levels = ability to lose a few pounds.

What breakfasts to stop eating:

Anything that contains sugar, processed carbohydrates and processed proteins (such as protein shakes) and highly inflammatory food like gluten, dairy, soy, corn and for some people, sadly, eggs. (I see about 50% of people having a problem with eggs).

My challenge to you is this: change your breakfast for just ONE WEEK to feel the difference. 

Are you in?

This means, you’ve got to STOP eating:

  • cereals
  • smoothies that contain high-sugar containing fruit like bananas
  • smoothies that contain protein powders (no matter what the marketing claims of the seller may be)
  • fruit and yoghurt (fruit is high in sugar and dairy is highly inflammatory)
  • no ice drinks and nothing cold (cold shuts your digestion down and you need the juices to process the food)

So, what do you do instead?

I found a bunch of recipes for you on healthful breakfast options.

My favorites are: Farmer Wife’s Breakfast (paleo) and Green Plantain (Grain-Free) Pancakes.

Another alternative: Learn to eat dinner leftovers for breakfast. Most of the world (that also happens to be healthier than us) eats savory breakfasts. Have you travelled to countries like Japan, China, India or Turkey? Every one of these breakfasts is savory and contains plenty of PROTEIN, FAT and FIBER – which is the golden standard for a satisfying and healthful breakfast.