10 Reasons to Detox

10 Reasons to Detox

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for the near year! January is a time of fresh starts. Coming out of the holidays, you may be feeling sluggish, fatigued, and heavy.

We tend to over-consume sugary foods and alcohol. The stress around the holidays intensifies, and we may not sleep as well. All of this puts an added burden on your body that can lead to a weakened immune system, sluggish digestion, and poor detoxification.

While supporting your body through periodic cleansing and detoxing is important, it’s especially essential after the holidays.

Here are 10 reasons to detox after the holidays.

  • Clean out and optimize the function of your colon, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, lymphatic system, and skin.
  • Restore gut health – Improve elimination, cleanse the colon, eliminate pathogens, improve digestion.
  • Reduce chronic symptoms and improve autoimmunity, respiratory health, skin conditions, and digestion.
  • Get control of your blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings, fatigue, and irritability.
  • Soothe joint pain and reduce cellular inflammation.
  • Balance your mood, improve focus and mental clarity.
  • Ignite your libido and your passion for life.
  • Reduce addictions and cravings to sugar and caffeine.
  • Have abounding energy and vitality
  • Effectively manage your weight and eliminate toxic fat.

I can’t tell you how many articles and social media posts I’ve seen about diets and detoxes for the new year. Unfortunately, most of them are too good to be true.

They usually involve deprivation of some sort, and starving yourself is NOT the answer. Eating real food, managing your stress, and taking care of your body has always been the best solution.

You’re invited to join me in a 30-day Cleanse and Restore – Mind, Body, Soul.

It’s going to be an amazing 30-days of accountability and support (the 2 most important things you NEED when trying to get healthy).

In addition to some suggested meal plans that you can follow, we have an essential oil protocol that you can use to help your body NATURALLY detox and eliminate toxic load.

I will guide you through the 30-day protocol and provide you with some excellent detox resources you will need.

I do want to share some great limited-time-only gifts. For those of you who want to do this cleanse with me, doTERRA is offering some sweet bonuses when you order your oil products by December 30th.

Here’s how this works:

  1. CLICK HERE and click “join doTERRA”, and enter in your language and country. Select “Cleanse and Restore Kit” when you are prompted to select a kit.
  2. OPTIONAL – if weight loss is your goal, add Slim and Sassy Soft gels to your cart by typing “Slim and Sassy soft gels” underneath your cart. Your order will now qualify for a free bottle of Frankincense!
  3. You will get a free frankincense ($93) that will come right in your shipping box automatically if you added Slim and Sassy soft gels to your order by December 31st. No coupon code is necessary.

So, what’s inside the Cleanse and Restore Kit?

  1. TerraZyme Enzymes – blend of enzymes that help to aid in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients
  2. PB Assist Probiotics – an incredible double coated probiotic to help deliver beneficial bacteria to your body.
  3. GX Assist – a combination of essential oils to help cleanse and support the digestive system.
  4. Zendocrine Herbal Complex – a blend of herbs to support the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and, skin
  5. Zendocrine Detoxification Blend – an essential oil blend to assist the body’s natural ability to get rid of toxins and unwanted substances.
  6. 15ml Lemon – naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion.
  7. DDR Prime Soft Gels – essential oil blend to support cellular health, function, and renewal.
  8. LifeLong Vitality Supplements – a natural whole food daily multivitamin that gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs.
  9. OPTIONAL ADD-ON – we suggest adding in Slim and Sassy soft gels if weight loss is a goal and to qualify your order for a free $93 bottle of Frankincense!

Make sure to continue following me for additions to this 30-day challenge!