Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!

I love spring! But then comes the other stuff, well…

As I look around and admire the colorful flowers that are coming up, I see others suffering with sinus issues from all the new blooms. Then comes the sore muscles due to the use of muscles that were not used during the winter.

After seeing all this, I again turned to researching what could help. I found three different categories that essential oils play. First they provide support that gives us nourishing energy to get past an issue. Then they give us way to prevent issues by giving us protection. Finally, they heal us by giving us ways to resolve these issues.

in this post we are talking allergies, which is the way our bodies respond to foreign substances. There are several foreign substances in our environment that build up in our bodies and create a toxic load which destroys our immune system. When our immune system is compromised, then we have a full blown infection.

So, now what do we do. Well, for allergies, the first thing is to eliminate the toxic load. First we need to create a relaxing environment by using Peaceful Sleep Linen Spray so you can rest well. Then we need to clean our environment around us to remove the toxics around us by using Natural Hand Cleaner and Green Cleaning Spray. Then to help our body heal, we need to help our sinuses by using the Sinus Relief blend in the shower and an inhaler.

I found several other good recipes for bathes and diffusing. As the sinuses is the first line into the body, it is essential to deal with that first so I have added several recipes in the Diffuser section along with Cold & Allergy section.